Program Integrity

Increase Productivity and Collaboration.

Healthcare fraud analytics is inherently complex, requiring relationships between beneficiaries, providers, pharmacies, diagnoses, procedures, services, and more to be made clearly visible. Salient removes the technological barriers between medical subject matter experts and data, granting them analytical freedom to discover valuable findings, improve existing processes, and increase collaboration independent of technical staff. Salient’s solution reduces the time and cost of investigations in order to increase recovery and prevention dollars.

John Amisano on NBC NY speaks about finding fraud, waste & abuse.
John Amisano on NBC NY speaks about finding fraud, waste & abuse.

See and understand large volumes of data.

View the entire picture of a beneficiary or provider and access detailed knowledge of relationships between complex healthcare data.

Remove the need for statistical expertise.

Empower healthcare subject matter experts to expand understanding, test hypotheses, perform raw discovery, and validate predictive analytics results, with no technical staff needed.

Identify better targets for all functional areas.

Communicate, prioritize, define, and improve upon predictive analytics algorithms, scoring, etc.

Reduce time and cost of investigations.

Reduce cycle times throughout the program integrity process while improving hit rates.

Enhance collaboration.

Effectively share insights and findings between everyone involved in investigations.