Medicaid ACO

High Performance at the State Level.

Salient’s solution for performance management of accountable care at the state level gives the ability to fundamentally restructure the healthcare delivery system, improve quality of care, and cut costs. By continuously monitoring, improving, and sharing results in system transformation, clinical management, and population health, the entire state is enabled to focus on primary and preventative care as well as reducing avoidable hospital use.

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Access data to determine community health needs.

Reduce unnecessary hospital admissions and improve primary and preventative care.

Track progress toward goals.

Measure infrastructure transformation and community population health.

Gain unprecedented insight into performance.

Maintain and oversee progress of program initiatives.

Enhance collaboration.

Grant providers access to data to form networks, assess community health needs, and develop program applications.

Enable transparency.

Provide the general public with insight into the performance of the healthcare system for Medicaid beneficiaries.