Population Health Management

Salient helps payers, providers, and care managers measure and continuously improve the health of their communities and the quality of care while driving a better economy. Give your team the knowledge of exactly where to focus in:

Accountable Care Organizations

A turnkey solution to rapidly evaluate, remediate, and continuously improve overall population health, quality of medical care, and financial performance.

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Patient Centered Medical Homes

Claims, operational, financial, and clinical records are brought together at unrivaled detail to enable better decision making at every level.

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Medicaid Enterprise

Achieving the Triple Aim requires state Medicaid agencies and their stakeholders to adapt a data-driven approach to program management and reform initiatives. See how Salient’s Medicaid Enterprise Management solution helps providers, care coordinators, and program oversight staff make better decisions for:

Program Management

Provide stakeholders with a comprehensive visibility of an entire healthcare ecosystem to drive reformation.

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Program Integrity

Reduce the time and cost of investigations to increase recovery and prevention dollars.

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Medicaid ACO

Fundamentally restructure the healthcare delivery system by continuously monitoring, improving, and sharing results.

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Health Homes

Health Homes

Coordinate care for the entire population while focusing on patients who tend to drive overall spending to ensure accountable care.

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