On the Same Mission.

Salient’s consulting team offers the healthcare expertise required to understand your needs and align Salient’s solutions to continuously improve the performance of your organization. Salient offers a solution, not simply a tool, by designing, building, delivering, and supporting a solution that exceeds your expectations.

Our team of consultants takes the time to learn your environment, no matter how complex, and ensures our systems are built to deliver the best value at every point of decision-making your team needs.

Over 100 years of healthcare experience

Tailored solutions to meet your needs.

We thoroughly learn your environment, goals, and desired outcomes to build a tailored solution for you.

Unmatched industry expertise.

In-depth knowledge of relevant healthcare data along with state and federal health and human services programs, their missions, functions, and roles.

Enabling continuous improvement.

Your configured solution is built to deliver the greatest value to each user at the point of decision making.