Partners in Success.

At Salient, we don’t simply service our clients and answer tech support calls. We create ongoing, long-lasting partnerships, as our expert staff offers over 100 years of experience in the healthcare industry to ensure our clients’ success.

Salient delivers a combination of expertise in the industry, in-depth knowledge of your organization’s desired outcomes, and the most powerful data visualization technology tailored to your specific needs to help you reach and exceed your goals.


Salient offers more than software – we offer a complete solution, based on your needs. We learn your environment and understand your mission to configure our system to provide you the greatest value.

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Outcome Support

Our Outcome Support team provides ongoing training and support, providing instructor-led training, continuous material development and sharing of new skills to optimize your team’s performance.

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Hosting & Support

Salient offers a proactive approach to Administrative and Hosting Services, providing the most reliable technical and customer support possible – giving you peace of mind.

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